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Has Your Rental Home Turned Into A Burden?

Renting your home to tenants is extremely risky. The rate of unemployment is rising and job loss is a very real possibility for your tenants. Even good tenants can fall on hard times and get behind on rent payments. Wow, what a hassle!

Of course, you want to be nice. You want to work it out and give them “just a few more weeks” and even save yourself the trouble of filing for an eviction. But honestly, some tenants don’t know when to cut their losses and will continue to take advantage of you.

What makes them any different than “squatters” who have basically duped you into letting them live in your home for free? Even family members can burden you with this, and they might be the hardest of all to evict.

We have the solution for you, though! You’ve decided that enough is enough and you need to get this burden off of your hands for good and sell the property. Don’t be concerned about the tenants, let us handle it! We will buy the property with the tenants still in the house and it won’t be your problem anymore. Save your money and time – and most of all, your sanity!

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in Florida. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever.
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"As a first time home buyer, there were many “unknowns” and hurdles that I faced while trying to be sure I was making the best decision for my future. David was a fundamental part of this process as he was always available to answer any questions and share general knowledge. It’s always great working with someone who truly has a passion for the work they do and will go above and beyond to provide a personalized level of service. My home buying experience was especially challenging at first, but with David’s help I was able to overcome these challenges and am now a proud owner of my first home."

Chris C.